Submission Pro

Product Name: Submission Pro

Current Version: 2.0

Product Type: Mobile Optimized Web Application

Price: $ 699.00

Product Description:

Submission Pro is an application that allows companies to receive and manage manuscript submitted by clients.

It takes care of the entire operations involved in any academic paper editing business.


This application comes with the following features:

Administrative Features:
  • View and manage new orders.
  • View and manage re-edit requests.
  • View and manage global partners / institutions and their requests.
  • View and manage editors.
  • View and manage all users (authors, editors, and administrators)
  • Generate sales report.
  • View, rate and manage editors’ earning.
  • View and manage services.
  • View and manage prices.
  • View and manage discount coupons.
  • Manage recommendation.
  • View and manage automated messages.
  • Set-up and manage personalization features.
  • View and manage own profile
Author Features:
  • Make, view and manage new orders.
  • Make, view and manage re-edit requests.
  • View earned referral points.
  • Convert earned points to discount coupons.
  • View and manage discount coupons.
  • Send recommendation message to colleagues.
  • View and manage own profile
Editor Features:
  • View and manage own status.
  • View and manage assigned projects.
  • Monitor earnings.
  • Manage payment details.
  • View and manage own profile
Generic Features:
  • Receive and manage orders.
  • User account creation and manager.
  • Subscription manager.
  • Implementable with WordPress.


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